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White lake

The interesting thing about this photo is how the sun is trying to break through the clouds before night falls

Contributed by Meagan Mccormick

Took this beautiful picture in Glamis.

Contributed by Kimberly Gomez

My Solider

My solider enjoying the beautiful sunset on the Big Island, Hawaii. He was away on his annual training for three weeks and managed to send me this pic. He knows about my love for this kind of stuff.

Contributed by LiLi Calumag

Sunset at Waimea Pier, Kauai, Hawaii.

Perfect sunset for my cousin Hope and her husband Josh on their wedding day.

Contributed by LiLi Calumag

Sunset at Major's Bay, Kauai, Hawaii.

THE best place on Kauai to watch a sunset, hands down.

Contributed by LiLi Calumag

Sunset photography

Contributed by Miren Moragrega

Recent San Francisco sunset. More from the same night:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Summer Sunset Over Lake Minnetonka

Minnesota is seriously amazing

Contributed by Tori Anderson

Minnesota Sunset

Sunset on Lake Minnetonka

Contributed by Tori Anderson

Mesmerizing Sunset at Shi Shi Beach

This photograph was taken by Josh Hoptay. Shi Shi Beach is located at the Olympic National Park in Washington. I need to go and witness this beauty in person!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam