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Sunrise or sun up is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears over the horizon in the morning. The term can also refer to the entire process of the Sun crossing the horizon and its accompanying atmospheric effects.

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Sunrise at Mount St. Helens

Went on a quad ride with my family up to Mount St Helens and stayed over night to take pictures of the sunrise!

Contributed by Amanda Sauer

Sunrise at My High School

A beautiful fall sunrise from when I was a senior in high school

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Aussie Sunrise

Beautiful sunrise taken in Avalon Beach north of Sydney, Australia- photo taken by Mike Hankey

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Miami Sunrise

Miami sunrises are my favorite

Contributed by Wendylynn Capote

Windham Way

This makes waking up early on cold mornings worth it!

Contributed by Kristina Noto

Winter Skies

Charlotte, NC

Contributed by Lianna Farnesi

Sunrise in a Bubble!

Beautiful on so many levels!

Contributed by Zach Johnson


There are few things we can heavily rely on. One of them is the sun that will rise every day regardless of the clouds or storms.

Contributed by Claire Robinson

Kansas Skies

Heaven is for real

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

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