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Contributed by Anonymous

Why not giving a damn won’t stand in your way of success

Rather than not caring, the take away message is to not kill yourself over your job. Surely, in the corporate world things are a bit different. One commenter stated "it becomes very hard to care, if you (and with me millions of others) know that most companies don't really care about you." True, but then do you truly define this job/work/career as success? Success necessitates a certain personal satisfaction (after all its definition is completely subjective). So to achieve that level of success, I'd imagine that you still have to care pretty strongly in order to achieve that satisfaction.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang


You have to work to achieve success it doesn't happen before you do the work

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


Success=Dreams+Determination! You have to be determined and work hard at your dreams to make them a success!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


The struggle and hard work behind the success that isn't noticed, yet is all worth it in the end!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett



Contributed by Caitlyn Sosinsky

Winston Churchill on Success

There are so many different individuals and organizations out there telling you that success is final. Well, Winston Churchill disagrees with this viewpoint and I do too.

Contributed by Tony Hart


Success isn't easy.

Contributed by Kevin Kelly

Don't dream about success, work for it.

Contributed by Kevin Kelly

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