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A student section or student cheering section is a group of student fans that supports its school's athletic teams at sporting events; they are known for being one of the most visible and vocal sections of a sports crowd as well as for their occasionally raucous behavior. They are most often associated with NCAA basketball and football games, but can be found in several sports in both college and high school. A student section is an important part of a school's fanbase and a significant contributor to home advantage.

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My high school's basketball team was not the best this year. We had alot of younger players which made it difficult for teamwork to be involved. As time went on the team became strong and pushed through until they were sadly defeated in the 3rd round of the playoffs.

Contributed by Mary Clare Brophy

I created this video showing my High School's football team and student section. Who knew that at the Senior/Freshman buddy game where the Seniors dress the freshman up in crazy outfits to hype up the team and student section. This led the team to an incredibly strong victory.

Contributed by Mary Clare Brophy

Student section goals

Not my student section, but our goal is to get everyone with powder and shower our section when we score a touchdown!!! Super fun and gets the team fired up!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Student Section Goals

My school, Maize South High School, traveled to an away game and was almost as big as their student section. We have a crazy support system!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

High School Student Section

Rain or Shine, Win or loss, we are all here for our teams cheering them through every night :)

Contributed by Claire Craig

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