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A stroke is a medical condition in which poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death. Signs and symptoms of a stroke may include an inability to move or feel on one side of the body, problems understanding or speaking, dizziness, or loss of vision to one side. A hemorrhagic stroke may also be associated with a severe headache. The symptoms of a stroke can be permanent. Long-term complications may include pneumonia or loss of bladder control.

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to determine if someone is having a stroke, think FAST. F: face- check for drooping on one side of their face. A: arms- ask a person to hold arms out and check if their arms drift down S: speech- ask a person a simple question that they would know for example you could ask what their name is...check for mispronunciation or difficulty speaking. T: time: Call 911

Contributed by Gemma Arreguin

Hmm, who knew there were so many types of strokes.

Contributed by Crystal Quesenberry

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