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This is what I meant by not being afraid to put a little extra effort and dress up! I personally loved this video because of how the kept the childrens attention by asking question.(: Hope you enjoy!

Contributed by Dalia Soltero

Making a magnet board is simple. Really! You can always use an old baking tray! Its magnetic and will be able to hold up you pieces. To make magnetic pieces you cut out your printed/drawed out props and glue it to either card board or a file folder for better durability. You cut them out and i'd suggest having them laminated so your pieces will last longer. (Staples offers lamination) Then you cut out a piece of your magnet sheet and glue it on last and your ready to present your magnet board story!(:

Contributed by Dalia Soltero

Making a flannel felt board is very simple! All you need to do is take enough flannel to cover a board and glue it on! You're all set. As for your pieces you can draw on a seperate flannel and cut it out or even print out a picture and glue it to a seperate flannel felt piece.(:

Contributed by Dalia Soltero

Everyone loves a good story especially children. I have a lot of experience reading to preschoolers and there are many ways to express or present a story. You can make a flannel board and include characters made of flannel. The material on the flannel felt sticks so the pieces will stay on your board. Another great way to present a story is using a magnet board. I reccomend cutting out your pieces on cardboard and getting it laminated before putting on the magnet so it lasts longer. There's also the traditional puppet show which brings the characters to life and are quite entertaining. It's important in story telling to get the audience to engage in the story and to stimulate their imagination no matter the ages. You can keep their attention by changing your voice for different characters, asking questions throughout the book, and having props! I personally have been in a competition regarding how well I can present a story and I've found all of this extremely helpful and has put in the top. Don't be afraid to put effort in it like dressing up as one of the characters. People love it and it gives you a bit of an edge as your telling your story.

Contributed by Dalia Soltero

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