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Steven Spielberg

Steven Allan Spielberg (born December 18, 1946) is an American filmmaker. He is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era and one of the most popular directors and producers in film history. He is also one of the co-founders of DreamWorks Studios.

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Steven is the most inspirational person in my life and this video just put my expectations of him, way over the top!

Contributed by Dune Stewart

Steven Spielberg has a wonderful way of leaving his mark on every movie he makes. Check out the connections between some of his iconic films that let you know you are watching a Spielberg movie!! Watch the video at this link.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

The cast of Whose Line with a game featuring Steven Spielberg's most famous movies.

Contributed by Sam Kelley

Inside The Actors Studio - Steven Spielberg

Contributed by Sam Kelley

"I'm Tintin. I'm also a Goonie." – Steven Spielberg, on which of his famous characters he most identifies with, to New York magazine

Contributed by Sam Kelley

Gwyneth Paltrow catches up with her godfather, director Steven Spielberg, before heading into the 84th Academy Awards

Contributed by Sam Kelley

Drew Barrymore (as a Kid) Spills a Secret About Steven Spielberg

Contributed by Sam Kelley

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