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Contributed by Jackie Fernandez


Contributed by Jackie Fernandez

So this just shows how it looks slightly slowed down. Luke doens't even make it look like he kicked the dude, and Boba Fett is flying by like "sup"

Contributed by TwoDee Weaver

Aurebesh is the most commonly seen written language in the Star Wars movies. It is 26 letters based of the current Latin alphabet. Unique symbols replace the 26 letters in the English alphabet. 12 Punctuation marks are also converted with unique symbols. This alphabet is also seen in the Star Tours rides in the Disney theme parks.

Contributed by Jordan Vallejo

George Lucas focused on the gray, red, black and white of the Imperial military in the original trilogy. He claimed that these were brought to attention to parallel the Imperials to the Nazi regime of World War II.

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Some star wars humor

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General Grievous

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Darth Vader

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Behind the scenes of Star Wars with Yoda and Yoda's voice actor Frank Oz

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Star wars humor

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