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StarKid Productions, also known as Team StarKid, is a Chicago-based musical theatre company founded in 2009 at the University of Michigan by Darren Criss, Brian Holden, Matt Lang, and Nick Lang. Best known for the musical A Very Potter Musical, a parody of the Harry Potter series, the troupe produces musical-comedies inspired by pop culture, with original scripts, songs, and music. StarKid uses social media for theatrical distribution, to make their productions accessible to a worldwide audience.

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Starkid's newest release, A Trail to Oregon, is actually quite good! I've been a huge fan of these guys for a long time, so I was ambivalent about this production. They did a great job with it!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

When asked whether the tumblr page is really Starkid

Their tumblr name is "the-real-team-starkid" which, of course, makes it sound like they're the fake Team Starkid.

Contributed by Rachel Peterson


One of the pictures I took of Joey at Apocalyptour in June of last summer! It was such an amazing show and I can't wait for them to tour again.

Contributed by Brittany Tabor

Team Starkid's play "Starship" (my favorite!)

Contributed by Amanda Nuwanda Peterson

A loving StarKid fan took A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year and condensed them into one video for your viewing pleasure. Almost 10 hours of StarKid but without the interruption of video changes.

Contributed by Ashley Morgan

Joey Richter has made several guest appearances on Disney Channel's Jessie. This is the first. I was pleasantly surprised to see him. I love that his character is studying theater and gives a nod to improv.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Fan Made Trailer of A Very Potter Sequel

Contributed by Kailey Martin Greenwood

Information about Team Starkid's new show, Twisted.

Contributed by Jordan Feldman

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