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StandUp for Kids

StandUp For Kids is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to " End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness". StandUp For Kids is run almost entirely by volunteers, and has established 18 outreach programs over the United States. It is dedicated to making a difference to at-risk or homeless kids.

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I came from being homeless i was abused and tortured by many people many of the stories i can t talk about but there are many kids out there who cant say they lived to go to school or get an education i am one of the very few people who can stand up and say i made it to college life on the streets is not a fun place to be for a young girl or boy, i want to put my foot down and stand for all the lil ones who voice is silent!!!!!

Contributed by Samantha Ten X Mund

I was once a homeless and at risk youth, i want to give my life to helping and serving kids because every child deserves love and a home its so sad to see them suffer

Contributed by Samantha Ten X Mund

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