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Stained glass

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Light Shining Through a Stained Glass Window

The gorgeous colors covered the floor of the Catedral de Mallorca on a sunny day. The windows (along with the rest of the cathedral) a design from the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, who also famously designed "La Sagrada Familia" (a cathedral still in the progress of building in the heart of Barcelona). Original photo taken July 10, 2014.

Contributed by Katie Harker

Stained Glass Windows (from the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris)

Nothing beats the sight of all the colors shining through a stained glass window on a bright day. Original photo taken June 21, 2013.

Contributed by Katie Harker

DIY Stained Glass

Materials 1. Empty glass bottle/s (make sure it’s clean and free from grease/oil) 2. Vitrail glass paint (P99 in National Bookstore; available in several colors) 3. Acetone or nail polish remover (used as a thinner for the paint)

Contributed by Tess Chaffin

Well now I'm a fan of the avengers!

I used to think stained glass windows were lame until I saw this one!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

I'm so glad I wasn't in charge of this project!

I guarantee I would not have turned out like this!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

I hope this is real!

If so it is amazing!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

Chemical additives are used to give glass certain colors. For example, copper oxide is used to stain glass green, and cobalt is used to make it blue.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

I have never seen 3D stained glass! How cool!

Contributed by Tori Griffin

I think stained glass windows are beautiful in every home!

Contributed by Megan Turner

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