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Springville High School (Utah)

Springville High School is the one of two high schools that serves and is located in Springville, Utah, United States.

Springville High School's mascot is the mighty Red Devil. The origin of the mascot name dates back to the original construction of the school, when the Red Devil Cement Company assisted significantly in the building. This became a focal point for controversy several times over the years, most recently in 2002. The opposing arguments vary slightly each time, but have the same basis. The most recent opposition occurred when some local citizens organized a committee called "Parents for Mascot Review". They argued that the Devil was an unsavory mascot for teens and interpreted school literature bearing the character "pro devil" paraphernalia. Some claimed that good Latter-day Saints should not support the mascot for its Satanic allusion. Other Latter-day Saints disagreed, saying that the church had no official stance on the matter, that the mascot was not satanic, but rather a mythical creature, and that the groups were promoting their own agenda.

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This website is where you can find out everything that's happening at SHS. It includes links to the school calendar, school news, announcements and any other happenings you need to know about.

Contributed by Michelle Welch

Springville High Logo

Contributed by Brandon Petersen

High schools become much more than just a place of education to the students that attend. This video effectively conveys what Springville is to its students.

Contributed by Katya Wagstaff

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