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Athletic ability is crucial in participating in sports, but your mindset can be just as powerful.

Contributed by Megan Denk

This is terrifying but awesome. The skill of this guy to hold his breath but also the courage to jump.

Contributed by Jordan See

This looks like so much fun. Sign me up!!

Contributed by Jordan See

Known as Sepak Takraw, this sport combines the best of soccer and volleyball. It is very popular in Southeast Asia but virtually unknown in western culture.

Contributed by Jordan See

I didn't even realize this sport existed! so cool

Contributed by Jordan See

A video about the top 10 highest paid athletes of 2014

Contributed by Rodolfo Salgado

Watch this video. It shows how hard you must work to be successful. This has a lot to do with sports, but also with just life and work. This video shows the secrets to success in sports and life.

Contributed by Jake Harper

As an aspiring sports journalist and lover of the game, this is an absolutely beautiful story. Well worth the watch. I hope you enjoy!

Contributed by Luis Alexis Gonzalez

This is a very interesting website about different aspects of sports psychology ranging from steroid use, to coaches influence on players, to even burnout. It's a great read and I really enjoyed it, hopefully you will too!

Contributed by Luis Alexis Gonzalez

Horses jumping at Olympic level! Surprisingly the riders' form is not very good yet the horses still manage to make it over these enormous jumps.

Contributed by Emma Brittain

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