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This spoken word poem really struck a chord with me because the past year I've realized how much I've really missed by paying attention to my phone rather than things around me. In my communication classes I've learned that one of biggest divides in our generation is our ability to talk one-on-one with one another. This video and poem really illustrate this. I think it really causes awareness of how much we need to change in order to keep our relationships in tact.

Contributed by Bailey Maben

My generation is a group of strong-minded, strong-willed, beautiful people with the potential to change the world. They just choose not to realize it. To my people, if we don’t get it together, we are going to crumble; we will crumble until there is nothing left of us but a memory and a bad reputation. We should want to be remembered for something. After we are gone, people need to know that we helped; it should be engraved in their hearts that we did our part in history.

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Just read the last two comments I put down.

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Like I said, her message and her flow are unbelievable. I think she has become a favorite spoken word artist of mine.

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

I don't know if i posted the video right. I know that her language is kind of vulgar, but her message is extremely powerful and her flow is amazing.

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Another form of poetry that will leave you speechless, and make you question things you see in your everyday life. Helps open the eyes of the blinded.

Contributed by Tionya Jones

A man with a severe case of OCD talks about his true love.

Contributed by Eunice Lee

This gives me goosebumps every single time. No one should be treated this way.

Contributed by Eunice Lee

The emotional pain this girl is feeling is so real... Having to seek acceptance from your own mother.

Contributed by Juanita Harris