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Spock is a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise. Spock was first portrayed by Leonard Nimoy in the original Star Trek series, and also appears in the animated Star Trek series, a two-part episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, eight of the Star Trek feature films, and numerous Star Trek novels, comics, and video games.

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Mister Spock

Contributed by Stephanie Wade

The infamous Vulcan Salute, popularized by Comander Spock of the USS Enterprise, was created by Leonard Nimoy during the primary creation of the Star Trek TV series in the late 1960's. The origin of the hand gesture dates back for centuries as a Jewish gesture of blessing knows as the "Priestly Blessing". In an interview held shortly after the release of the 2009 Star Trek Motion Picture Nimoy recalled that when he was a child, his grandfather took him to an Orthodox synagogue where had first seen the blessing performed and was very impressed by it, thus Commander Spock's famous "Live Long and Prosper" salute was created.

Contributed by Bailey Paquin

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