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Splenda /ˈsplɛndə/ is the commercial name and registered trademark of a sucralose-based artificial sweetener owned by the American company Heartland Food Products Group and manufactured by the British company Tate & Lyle. It is available in both granular and dissolvable tablet forms.

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"In 1976, Tate & Lyle, a British sugar company, was searching for ways to blend sucrose (sugar) with laboratory chemicals. In collaboration with Professor Leslie Hough's laboratory at Queen's College in London, halogenated sugars were currently being tested. Responding to a request for "testers" for these experimental chlorinated sugars, foreign graduate student Shashikant Phadnis signed up for "taste tests." His participation in the research project led to the discovery that chlorinated sugars are sweet and have a potency hundreds to thousands of times greater than sugar."

Contributed by Kathy Guo

Splenda! Just like sugar but its not!

Contributed by Brandon Petersen

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