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Speech is the vocalized form of communication used by humans and some animals, which is based upon the syntactic combination of items drawn from the lexicon. Each spoken word is created out of the phonetic combination of a limited set of vowel and consonant speech sound units (phonemes). These vocabularies, the syntax that structures them, and their sets of speech sound units differ, creating many thousands of different, and mutually unintelligible, human languages. The vocal abilities that enable humans to produce speech also enable them to sing.

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With great power comes great... (un)responsibility?

Words can change people's thoughts. Even if they don't want to hear the words coming from someone, they can't help it because of how our hearing and our minds work. So despite this silly depiction of the misuse of words, do be careful of what you say please :) (credit to John McNamee)

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Your Word

Be careful what you say.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

What you Say

Watch what you say!

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Reality of Speech

This is actually so true!

Contributed by Carolyn Klaesges

This is a funny video that a person did on a persuasive speech for his speech class. there are some really go things this person did on his persuasive speech and also some bad things.

Contributed by Alyssa Edwards

Here is a video where the actors use fake English to make the language sound foreign even to native speakers. This is interesting because languages I'm not familiar with sound strange, but I never actually thought about my native language sounding unintelligible in the same way.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Ever wonder why some languages sound faster than others? It seems that the density of the language has alot to do with it (think of density as the amount of content in a sentence). A study of 7 different languages found that languages like Japanese and Spanish are less dense while English is more dense. Density seems to affect the speed at which we speak. *But I still think if you are not familiar with any language it will naturally sound like jibberish at the speed of light ":|

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

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