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Baby sloths sometimes die after falling from their mother's back, not because of the impact of the fall, but from their mother's unwillingness to leave the safty of the trees and go after their baby. Check out that little guy, it's hard to believe he could withstand the impact of such a fall!

Contributed by Autumn N Randazzo

A sloth has a very low metabolism, so it must eat a lot to get the nutrients it needs. And since it takes such a long time for a sloth to digest its food, a sloth will usually only urinate or defecate once a week during the short time it leaves the trees.

Contributed by Saige Corinn Lindell

Sloths spend a majority of their time in trees, even after they die. It's been shown that even after a sloth dies, it's strong grip to the tree allows it to still cling on to the very branch it was when it was alive.

Contributed by Saige Corinn Lindell

Algae can grow on the hair of sloths impart a greenish color to the coat.

Contributed by Dezzy Ramos

Facts about the sloth

Contributed by Ashley Calkins

Sloth in a tree

Contributed by Ashley Calkins