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A skyline is the horizon created by a city's overall structure, or by human intervention in a non-urban setting or in nature. City skylines serve as a kind of fingerprint as no two skylines are alike. For this reason, news and sports programs, television shows, and movies often display the skyline of a city to set a location. The term The Sky Line of New York City was first introduced in 1896, when it was the title of a color lithograph by Charles Graham for the color supplement of the New York Journal.

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Yangshuo, China

Yangshou County in China is well-known around the world for its hundreds of mountains, all perfect for climbing. After professional American climber Todd Skinner arrived in 1992 and started to heavily promote the region, at any one time climbing tourists in the region will account for more people than actual residents.

Contributed by James Коzаchuk

A look straight down at Manhattan

This image was taken by photographer Sergey Semonov, who does a lot of aerial panoramic views. You can rotate the image/see the rest of Manhattan on his website:

Contributed by James Коzаchuk

Chicago, Illinois Skyline

Contributed by Jordan Johnson

Dubai Time Lapse Day-to-Night

Contributed by Jordan Johnson

Atlantic City, New Jersey Skyline

Contributed by Jordan Johnson

San Diego skyline. Taken from a navy ship in the bay.

Contributed by Mallory Kraus

Paris, France Skyline Black and White

Contributed by Jordan Johnson

New York City Skyline

Contributed by Jordan Johnson

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