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Siri (pronounced /ˈsɪəri/ SEER-ee) is a virtual assistant part of Apple Inc.'s iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. The assistant uses voice queries and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Internet services. The software adapts to users' individual language usages, searches, and preferences, with continuing use. Returned results are individualized.

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Sometimes Siri has the bad days too, and bad attitude!

Contributed by Violetta Gir

I love asking, "What is the meaning of life?" Best response so far: "I Kant answer that. Ha ha." I see what you did there, Siri.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Siri on IOS 7!

Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

Introducing Siri, now available on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, and iPad mini. Siri is your personal assistant, allowing you to send messages, set reminders, place phone calls, find restaurants and movie showtimes, keep you updated on weather and sports, and so much more.

Contributed by Don Hudson

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