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Sinking of F174

The sinking of the ship F174 took place on the night of December 25–26, 1996, off the coast of Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea. An old, severely overloaded wooden ship transporting illegal immigrants from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan to Italy sank 19 nautical miles, (22 miles; 35 km) from Portopalo di Capo Passero in Sicily (Italy), under questionable circumstances, and came to rest under of water. The number of deaths remains unknown, but at least 283 men, women and children perished.

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I fantasmi di Portopalo is just as false as the italian competence !!!No one maritime expert was mentioned in this sea disaster !!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof


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new investigation about The Sinking of F174

a whole page in la gazetta del Sud speaking about the sinking before the publication in La Repubblica !!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

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they abuse of power !! did they prove one word was true?? never

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

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the truth, the competent one !!!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

whenever a disaster occurs , all experts and technicians run to inspect all details !! Only in the sinking of F174, we see journalists,actors and prophets to tell us about phantoms !! do they suppose their readers brainless, as no one comment was published ??!!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

Eye witnesses sait that El Hallal was never seen drunk !! Cahterine Simon,John Hooper and wikipedia sources are not believing the first non political testimony in front of the judge as they become themself the justice !!! is it the freedom of the word ???!!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

On february 1997 , witnesses said that no arms were on board to Reggio Calabria prosecutor ,Stefano billet !! but some journalists and politicians insist on "Captain forced them with gun " whom to believe ??

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

greeks are back of the death of the indians !!

it started with a collaboration between greece ,italy ,malta but ended magically a sicilian marathon

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

a true never wanted !!

it started with spearing story and false testimony but ended with just false testimony and politic! just go to photos of Repubblica and find the truth by yourself!!!

Contributed by El Hallal Youssof

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