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Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music (arias, recitatives, songs, etc.) that can be sung with or without accompaniment by musical instruments. Singing is often done in an ensemble of musicians, such as a choir of singers or a band of instrumentalists. Singers may perform as soloists or accompanied by anything from a single instrument (as in art song or some jazz styles) up to a symphony orchestra or big band. Different singing styles include art music such as opera and Chinese opera, Indian music, and religious music styles such as gospel, traditional music styles, world music, jazz, blues, gazal and popular music styles such as pop, rock, electronic dance music and filmi (film songs).

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To all my music friends!

Contributed by Hope Elizabeth Russell

I just had to share this, seeing as it is my new favorite song!!!! Plus Iggy Azalea's part is too slick!!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

simply amazing!!! She is now one of my favorite singers!!!

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Outside of the amazing duet this three points stand out to me in this video.First a mothers love for her son-willing to do what she needed to do to get Micheal Bubles attention to introduce her son . Second Micheal Buble's humbleness in wanting to pay it forward by giving Sam the oppurtunity to sing. And third, Sam having the condfidence to get up there and sing - follow his dream.

Contributed by Jason Cardillo

In my opinion there is singing and then there is taking it to another level!

Contributed by Kellymarie Perez-Cruz

So much talent, and she almost wasn't discovered-somewhat funny too

Contributed by Andie Thompson

i love to sing i am a self learners i know how to play accordion, guitar and bajo sexto i like blues, rock n roll, ska, jazz, corridos, banda, alternative rock, most genders except opera i don't like it.

Contributed by Vale Tijuana

I've been singing now for almost twenty years (almost all Genres, NOT all, but almost all of 'em). I think (just MY opinion, so don't get all mad) this man is the best vocal teacher on YouTube. I sing to these Genres--Tex-Mex, Mariachi, Rock -n- Roll, Christian/Gospel, Opera, Country, Folk Songs, Oldies and Ballads. I love, love, LOVE to sing! I LOVE being on stage! I LOVE being a Performer! I LOVE The Performing Arts! Someday--still haven't given up yet--i hope to find a band to go on tour to perform (even IF only in the United States of America)! :-) Have a fun and a safe weekend to ALL! So long.

Contributed by SE Ol'Skool

This is the best acapella performance of the song grenade by Bruno Mars> it is worth watching and listening to!!!

Contributed by Suubi Phyllis

Funny ways to learn how to "sing" haha. Hope this video brings laughter into your lives like it did to me!

Contributed by Joselyn Rojas

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