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Simon Cowell

Simon Phillip Cowell (/ˈkəl/; born 7 October 1959) is an English reality television judge and producer. He was a judge on the British TV talent competition series Pop Idol, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent, and the American TV talent competition shows American Idol, The X Factor, and America's Got Talent. Cowell is the principal founder and chief executive of the British entertainment company Syco.

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Need a laugh? Stop and watch this video!

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

"I am literally obsessed by the way things look," Cowell says of his rented home in L.A., which boasts clean lines, a modern sensibility and comfort.

Contributed by Sam Kelley

Some of Simon's best insults

Contributed by Sam Kelley

"I like working with looney people." – Simon Cowell, describing The X Factor judging panel

Contributed by Sam Kelley

"He shows more cleavage than I do! It's ridiculous." – Demi Lovato , on fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell , to Jimmy Kimmel

Contributed by Sam Kelley

Simon Cowell vs. Demi Lovato: Who's Wiser on The X Factor?

Contributed by Sam Kelley

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