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And now.... SNEAKER HEELS!

Contributed by Marta Marut

OMG Im in love with these heels from Skyline couture.

Contributed by Nga Tran

What to see some weird shoes? These are getting super popular with runners and athletes all over these days. Here is a popular brand that sells such unique shoes!

Contributed by Victoria Lynne Tillie

Find the perfect shoe is hard. There are many factors to consider when choosing a shoe like size, comfort, arch support, and so on.

Contributed by Kelsey Helgerson

In the days of the "Wild West" an outlaw named Big Nose George was lynched for killing two law-men. After his death, a physician named Dr. John Osborne performed an autopsy on George's brain to see if he could find any apparent structural differences between the average brain and a brain that belonged to a criminal. After he found nothing, Osborne decided to keep part of Big Nose George as a morbid souvenir. He removed a strip of the outlaw's skin and brought it to a tanner, where he then instructed them to make the skin into a pair of shoes. Dr. Osborne wore the shoes with a sense of pride, and on the day he was inaugurated governor of Wyoming, he was allegedly seen wearing the human leather shoes. Today, the shoes are located at the Carbon County Museum in Wyoming.

Contributed by Aubrey McDonald

Kat Von D owns a closet full of shoes. She has many shoes that are interesting platforms. I enjoy watching her youtube videos on her show closet.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

Ankle Boots

Contributed by Kristen Cooper

Exotic Wedges

Contributed by Kristen Cooper

Thigh high leather boots

Contributed by Kristen Cooper

Knee High army boots

Contributed by Kristen Cooper