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A girl can never have enough right?

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen

Super colorful new Adidas sneakers

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

so cute

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

perfect sparkly heels

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

Eifle tower shoe

Contributed by Kalli Vanden Heuvel

Giraffe shoe :)

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

What would you spend the most money on?

what would you spend the most money on: skin care, makeup, clothing, shoes, or accessories? I personally would spend more on shoes because they last longer and I use them more often. plus its harder to find cheaper shoes that are good quality. all the rest I can normally find for pretty cheap like under $10.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Thrift stores?

What do you all think about getting clothing at thrift or second hand stores? there are so man of them. you can get vintage or brand names for really cheap. I personally like to thrift shop, I find some really cute things and all under $5. Im a bargin hunter and always shop sales. the only thing I dont like is some thrift stores have a bad smell. you have to cheek for stains or holes though, and you should wash the clothes before you wear them. I also have gotten shoes from thrift stores, like the ones in the picture. tell me about some of your thrift store experiences! :)

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

Zaha Hadid's Milanese shoe boutique More info:

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

TOMS shoes

one for one

Contributed by Allison Paige Couch