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Home Hair Removal

Permanent at-home hair removal tool from Sephora.

Contributed by Lauren Thompson

If you shave your underarms in a circle, like if you draw a sun with beams coming from it, the shave will last longer. The hairs grow in all different directions so it is wise to follow every possible way they could grow.

Contributed by Sophia Maria

A tutorialfrom Gillette full of helpful shaving tips for men.

Contributed by Lauren Thompson

Goateesaver Helps You Manscape The Perfect Goatee A shaving template, it's, basically, a facial hair guard that covers up all the parts of the beard you don't want to shave off. That way, you can wield your six-blade Gillette razor with reckless abandon without ending up with an uneven goatee shape at the end of it all

Contributed by Laura Diana Escamilla

Instead of shaving cream

I never waste money on shaving cream anymore. I either use conditioner, which works pretty well...or I use baby oil, which works great! It also has many other uses, so it's great to have. When shaving, splash warm water on to open pores then slather on the oil. Shave, then rinse with cool water to clothes your pores. Then put on lotion or you can even use a small amount of the baby oil. Give it a try, you will love it :)

Contributed by Desire Nicole

Stop putting band aids or tissue on all of your shaving cuts. A shaving cut will immediately stop bleeding if you put chap stick on it. Cheap and simple!

Contributed by Leah Janeski

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