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Biggest shark ever caught? 1300 pound monster mako shark.

Contributed by Shayla Simon

A great documentary on one of the world's most deadly yet powerfully majestic creatures alive today in our ocean. This documentary mixes life and graphic science to bring you the intriguing information on the 'chase' between the Great White Shark ( Charcharadon Charcharias) and its main and primary food source: the seal. Full of fat, muscle and protein, these mammals are the perfect source of nutrients for such these large sharks. Nearly over exceeding well over 20 feet in length, and a muscular mass of nearly 5,000 pounds, these large mysterious creatures need the food source to keep their body's running an functioning normally.

Contributed by Alexandria Lee

Interesting article on cookie cutter chark

Contributed by Rachel Gonzalez

They're beautiful creatures.

Contributed by Aaron Amoros

We all know sharks to be scary, violent animals out to eat people- I mean just watch Jaws. But sharks are usually misunderstood, majestic creatures. They play a very important role in the ecosystem and keep the ocean healthy. Scientist, John McCosker, tells us about it here

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

So I just found this and it's pretty freaky, but really sharks do this in nature, crazy.

Contributed by Felicia Nicole McCoy