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Sharks are a group of elasmobranch fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Modern sharks are classified within the clade Selachimorpha (or Selachii) and are the sister group to the rays. However, the term "shark" has also been used for extinct members of the subclass Elasmobranchii outside the Selachimorpha, such as Cladoselache and Xenacanthus, as well as other Chondrichthyes such as the holocephalid eugenedontidans.

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Researchers exploring the Solomon Islands were surprised to find a Pacific sleeper shark inside an active volcano just east of Papua New Guinea. More info here:

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Why Have There Been So Many Shark Attacks in NC?

It may be a case of "Occam's razor" where the simplest answer is best. There are more people in the water. Global shark populations have actually been experiencing a sharp decline over the past few decades with some estimates suggesting we could be losing 100 million sharks each year! Other factors include low rainfall along the coast that has made the water more salty which both sharks and their prey like and also certain species of shark become agitated above a certain temperature (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and warmer waters are altering their behavior.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Shark Tattoos

I personally adore and am fascinated by sharks. Greta Whites are my absolute favorite. Sharks have become a hobby between my father and I. That is why I've decided to get a shark tattoo in the near futur.

Contributed by Morgan Lee

Shark Caught at NC Beach

A fisherman who was fishing from the shore caught a shark 6.5 ft long and released it back into the ocean as it did not meet NC guidelines to keep it.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

3d shark humor

This painting is 3d painting of a girl being eaten by a shark is cool because the illusion of the painting is there and it looks so surreal

Contributed by Kayla Shaneice Johnson

Friendly Sharks

What would you do if you saw a shark with human teeth? Would it still eat you?

Contributed by Kindle Rickman

Do you want to see what prove scientists found about existence of megalodon? Follow those link and be really to find out something really interesting!!

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Pretty scary, isn't it?

Contributed by Violetta Gir

Sharks are easily one of the most frequently misunderstood creatures on our planet. They are gentle and shy creatures at nature, the only time they become aggressive is during feeding and mating seasons.

Contributed by Christian O'Rarden

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