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Did you know...Male fruitflies rejected for sexual encounter with female fruitflies drink significantly more alcohol than those that have been successful in their pursuit!

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins

Let's talk about sex...

Contributed by Jennifer Davis

This is interesting!

Contributed by Amanda Grace Rossi

Watch as this girl goes out with a hidden camera and asks random guys on the street if they want to go have sex with her. Some of their responses are pretty funny!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Does the overall shape of a man or a women's body really matter? Is it what decides whether we consider them to be 'male' or 'female'? Watch and find out!

Contributed by Alysha Thibault

Really interesting look at the idea of "virginity"!

Contributed by Hallie Casey

The fluid that a female excretes from her vagina during orgasm is a modified version of urine.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Here is a video that show different social experiments defining how much of Human every day life involves lust. Basically it shows how much of people's everyday lives are spent thriving for sexual tease without even knowing. The video also speaks about when it is appropriate to act on lustful urge and how to avoid acting when it is not. So many things that we don't even realize are inspired by lust. Art, music, clothing, literature even driving can spark the feeling or sense of lust/lustful behavior.

Contributed by Euphemia Ruth Rahming


Sex is a very wonderful feeling, whether it be with someone you love or just a recreational thing. But, it is very wonderful :)

Contributed by Stephany Lucero Ramirez Mora

How the sexes differ when it comes to following directions. Since men are usually more competitive they sometimes take short cuts to get to victory. Women are typically more analytical and less competitive so are sometimes better able to slow things down when it comes to a challenge. See what happens in this battle of the sexes. For your entertainment enjoy!!

Contributed by Alyssa Green