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Mason jars are perfect for holding thread, especially with cute pin cushions on top!

Contributed by Tori Griffin

When i was in junior high i learned how to sew and I been sewing things every since. For example, clothes and pillows.

Contributed by Sade Izundu

Pinkie Pie Grand Galloping Gala Gown

This dress took me about 2 yrs and $500 worth of materials to make. I wore it at Megacon 2014 for the first time.

Contributed by Jessica Compton

Split cowl neck T-shirt

It's an easy add-on collar, a split cowl collar with different type of fabric or color to style a little fresh look. You can refashion your old shirts this way, too.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

I use a basic sewing machine, and if I sew a heavier piece of fabric on top of a much lighter weight piece, the bottom lighter fabric can pucker a bit, even if I baste them together. I work around this by always putting the lighter pieces on top. However, I cannot do this when sewing on invisible zippers because the heavier zipper must be sewn on top. I solve the puckering problem by putting a piece of paper underneath all layers and sewing it along with the fabric. After that, I rip out the paper, and voila!, no puckering. Printer paper works great for this purpose.

Contributed by Betty Chang

Orange juice little pajamas

Another simple and nice sewing tutorial for beginners. This free sewing pattern is perfect for spring and summer times, add a little romper taste to your sewing project and go xD.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

Easy oversized dress

This fashion trend looks ideal for different body figures, it can be both tomboyish and girlie, too.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

The Unruled tank dress

Free sewing tutorial

Contributed by Maz Kwok

Sew a tailored baby bib

Tutorial to sew a baby bib with measurements for infant to toddler

Contributed by Maz Kwok

Especially for dolly clothing, Etsy has a lot of downloadable patterns.

Contributed by Sarah Slone