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Sewing is the craft of fastening or attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Sewing is one of the oldest of the textile arts, arising in the Paleolithic era. Before the invention of spinning yarn or weaving fabric, archaeologists believe Stone Age people across Europe and Asia sewed fur and skin clothing using bone, antler or ivory needles and "thread" made of various animal body parts including sinew, catgut, and veins.

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Paw gloves

Just another view to see the hand cut, and hand filed claws on the gloves

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Hand sewn

Just something I made from scratch. Epic paw gloves, the fabric ripples like muscles and very realistic.

Contributed by Mau Lunarwolves

Oversized Tunic

Go really loose and sassy but still look trendy in this plus size sewing pattern.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

My Soccer Duffel Bag  & Craftsy Class Review

Soccer Duffel Bag made from customized fabric | "Sew Better Bags: The weekend Duffel" Craftsy Class Review. Read the review on the blog, get a special offer & links to free sewing classes!

Contributed by Kinga Erdem

My first sewing project

One of the first outfits I sewed by myself!

Contributed by Dominique Schultz

I thought this project was easy enough for most people to do, but still sophisticated and adorable that it still has charm.

Contributed by Ellington Adair

Have you seen this yet? Colette Patterns is taking it to the next level with their own pattern mag. Colette makes Beautiful Patterns and they offer so many tips for every sewing level. The plan for this magazine is to include several quick patterns and at least one more advanced sewing pattern in every issue.

Contributed by Bethany D Suiter-Johnson

Have you ever had a top that you just love? You wear it so much it's now fully worn out. Instead of tossing it, check out this You Tube Video that will teach you how to just remake it! I did it this weekend and I am so happy with my new shirt!

Contributed by Bethany D Suiter-Johnson

In the 1860s, sewing machines became available for purchase. This decreased the normal 14+ hour sewing process down to just 1 hour.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Graphic tunic tops - free sewing patterns

Trendy and flattering fit tunic tops.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

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