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A liquid that spikes up when near a magnet

Contributed by Joseph Perry

This metal is a LOT more useful than I knew. Wow!

Contributed by Joseph Perry

At this link is many different crazy experiments that while they may not be safe to do at home, they sure are fun to do at the lab!

Contributed by Jessica Kalmazu Stimely

Bill Nye, The Science Guy!!

Contributed by Neha Bansal

Ultra-thin e-skin. It's one nano-meter thick, and I think it has a small amount of stylish-ness to it. I could see this being something "hip" to have in the "Pretties/Uglies" novels, " and other futuristic books and films. For more information, go here:

Contributed by Keri Potter

Scientists implanted a memory into a mouse. Kind of creepy, in my opinion.

Contributed by Keri Potter

150 Things the World's Smartest Scientists Are Afraid Of

Contributed by Keri Potter

Some examples of twin alikeness. Pretty spiffy stories.

Contributed by Keri Potter