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School spirit

School spirit is the sense of identity and community shared by members of an educational institution. This can apply to any type of school, from elementary schools to universities. Members of a school can manifest spirit in the exhibition of school colors in dress and decoration, in attendance at athletic events, or verbally in the form of chants or cheers.

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School Spirit

Its more than just being excited to wear colors. School spirit is a way for everyone to come together with a common interest to just have a good time! Spirit is supporting your school, supporting your mentors and teachers, and it is supporting your fellow students. After all, isn't everything more enjoyable when everyone is having fun?

Contributed by Brandon Tyler Boehnke

Sportsmanship can get you very far in school! Motivate the student body!

Contributed by April Yazza

School Spirit pumps everyone up! Whether it's at a football game or in the hallways, it's an important element! You can show your school spirit in crazy ways such as body paint, or in simple ways such as wearing your school colors!

Contributed by Rhiannon Moore

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