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Free at last

This man finished school and decided to release every paper he had from school off a cliff!

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Smart kids

And he is just in lower school!

Contributed by Dom Harris

the mind of High School teachers

This is true but sad! if only they wouldn't do this...

Contributed by Tricia Casillas

once again... my teacher

Ladies and gentlemen!: My wonderful Government teacher!

Contributed by Tricia Casillas

my teacher

This is exactly the face any student of my Government teacher gets when they forget to bring something!

Contributed by Tricia Casillas


Take advantage of it while you can..

Contributed by Caitlyn Sosinsky

It really works.. And what an easy way to get money.

Contributed by Brooke Barney


and how I feel about it....

Contributed by Caitlyn Sosinsky