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This brave teacher speaks on the flaws in Common Core. This is extremely powerful, especially because it is coming from an educator.

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

This is my Pinterest board dedicated to all things college. I post about food, organization, work opportunities, studying habits, and much, much more! While you're there, you can even peek at my other boards. "Happy pinning!"

Contributed by Haley Ourada

Check out this website for a breath-taking amount of information that truly applies to your college experience. As a bonus, they have compiled a hefty bit of scholarships that you can apply for. Thank you!

Contributed by Haley Ourada

This school has desks that allow students to move while learning

These desks are genius! I really dislike having to sit still for long periods of times, and I'm sure many other students feel the same way. Kids are supposed to be active and move around; physical activity is healthy and natural. While school is extremely important, forcing people to stay seated is a bad idea. These desks offer a real solution to this issue.

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Challenge your education

Do not mindlessly seek to get good grades... seek the truth even if it means bad grades.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


Once you stop taking math it starts to deteriorate from your brain. I find many of my answers are lk

Contributed by Claire Robinson

if you need a laugh

This is just how I felt after a long day at school today!

Contributed by Matt Shoda




Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi


The Avid Tops program is a class to help students prepare for college

Contributed by Megann Alise Buss

Me trying to write an essay in school.

Contributed by Sam Gobert