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How to Use Social Media to find a Scholarship

Contributed by Sara Cornett

Scholly is a great app for all your scholarship needs!

Contributed by Phuong Tran

I used college board in highschool and then sort of forgot about it. It's still a GREAT site as a college student looking for scholarships!

Contributed by Nicole Vermette is a really neat scholarship idea that I found in my searching. Wish I were more knowledgeable on the subject!

Contributed by Nicole Vermette

Guys, Scholarships are very helpful, so if you are still in high school, STAY on top of them. I have never received one regardless of how avid I am with them but I have yet to give up. I am currently struggling to pay for my first year in College out of pocket and it is the WORST thing ever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take advantage while you are still in high school. It will definitely make a difference.

Contributed by Diamond Divine Wilson

This is a great custom site to find scholarships that will fit you and your acomplishments!

Contributed by Malori Lindsay

Hey peeps! Check out this video about scholarships. I really liked it and felt it was worth sharing!

Contributed by Megan Choate

Help me win a scholarship and maybe you will win too

Contributed by Jamie Lynne Biddle

everyone wants/needs to go to college you know? even C students hehe. Its a great website/book!!

Contributed by Aubree Driver

I know we all hear "just keep your grades up," "get good grades and good stuff will happen," and more things that basically tell you to keep good grades. Well I am going to back that up right now. Keep your grades high and try hard in your classes, when you apply to college, they may offer you a scholarship because you've had good grades. I go to Whittier College and our tuition is around $45,000 a year and when I applied there they offered me a $20,000 scholarship called the John Greenleaf Whittier Scholar Scholarship for keeping good grades in high school. And it's great because it nearly cuts the tuition in half and it is yearly as long as you keep good grades through college. Many people from Whittier College say that everyone going to Whittier College gets the scholarship, but it's not true. Quite a few of my fellow students did not receive that scholarship. I think that a majority of the students that receive the scholarship decide to attend Whittier College due to the financial aid offered and those who have not received the scholarship choose not to attend either because it is too much tuition or they have gotten a better offer. So, keep your grades up!

Contributed by Cassie Leyba