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Sarah or Sara (/ˈsɛərə/ SAIR; entry "Sarah" ISO 259-3 Śara; Latin: Sara; Arabic: سارا or سارة Sāra) was the half–sister and wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac as described in the Hebrew Bible. Her name was originally Sarai (Hebrew: שָׂרָי‬, Sarai). According to Genesis 17:15, God changed her name to Sarah as part of a covenant after Hagar bore Abraham his first son, Ishmael.

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I've embarrassed myself. No one even noticed the cause of my embarrassment but the fact that I experienced it is embarrassing enough.

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

Have you ever experienced a situation where there was an unspoken possibility of the potential of having something more.. or something different? Experiences like that seems to rule my life! Usually a lot of Sarah's that I have encountered or even characters in movies always have those moments in their romantic life. Where do we go from there? Where do I go from there? Do I dwell on the possibility or do I make it happen or do I just live my life and leave it up to chance? Sarah quality- being conflicted but still staying hopelessly positive.

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

Usually Valentine's Day for a Sarah is filled with people who really like her as a person and show their affection through various gifts or activities ;} However, mine will be filled with Pink Moscato and my sorority sisters. I haven't spent a Feb 14th alone in about 3 years. So hopefully this one won't be a disaster. Being a Sarah might entail a disaster or a happy ending....mostly likely it will entail neither- just an unspoken possibility of the potential of having something more. So good luck to all you Sarah's out there who are lucky in love, falling in love, in like, in lust, searching and finding, or lost beyond belief. I have faith in you. Come on! We're Sarah's, typically wholesome girls. Peace & love - Don't wear it out!

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

post break up.

Sighs being a Sarah isn't easy. Our hearts are always getting broken - most of the time by the same guy.... I.e. me. He said he was happier without me. Maybe I was just yoo complicated. (Definitely not a Sarah quality). Sara's are definitely complicated so beware. Anyways, im looking at the positives. Now I can grow, be independent, and strong. This belongs in break ups. But im a Sarah so this is the Sarah struggle. -peace and love. Don't wear it out!

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

Funny story.... I wrote my first "Sarah" post on 1/28/14 and then forgot about it. So after searching and searching I finally remembered the name of this website "Sussle" and I found my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I will be writing/posting as much as possible. Leave it up to a Sarah to forget about her own blog. -Don't wear it out!

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

There is no "cookie cutter Sarah" so I can only talk about myself and what it implies to have the name Sarah, my name. First and foremost, the best Sarah's spell their name with an H! If your name is Sara, I hate to break it to you but you weren't built for the life an H Sarah. SO this is my journey of being Sarah. I'll be posting as soon as I can so please stay tuned for the amazing life of ... well me :) P.S. I am just amusing myself. I value all names... except the b*tchy ones (You know who you are... and what your name is). But yeah, i'm telling my story and hopefully other Sarahs will do the same. Peace and Love, Don't wear it out!

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

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