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Sand art and play

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Here is a different type of sand art - on a light box. Blows my mind!

Contributed by Sarah Joy Blankenship

The Simpsons hahaha

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

Sand art.

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

Just incredible.

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

This is just crazy on how real it look.

Contributed by Iesha Liberato

Weburbanist explains: "If castles of sand are ordinarily creative (if childish) works of artistic expression, then these are their opposite – boring and relentless repetition of identical houses inspired by postwar suburbia and deployed on an incongruous grid. This piece of Master Plan is (or rather: was) the first small and temporary installation of an ongoing series by Chad Wright."

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

This link is an interesting study on building sandcastles

Contributed by Cassie Leyba

I swell with pride after accomplishing an upside-down bucket of sand, but THIS? Incredible! Learn about sand-castle contests around the world and see examples.

Contributed by Nicole Huffman

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