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Samoa (/səˈmə/), officially the Independent State of Samoa (Samoan: Malo Saʻoloto Tutoʻatasi o Sāmoa; Samoan: Sāmoa, IPA: [ˈsaːmoa]) and, until 4 July 1997, known as Western Samoa, is a unitary parliamentary democracy with eleven administrative divisions. The two main islands are Savai'i and Upolu with four smaller islands surrounding the landmasses. The capital city is Apia. The Lapita people discovered and settled the Samoan Islands around 3,500 years ago. They developed a unique Samoan language and Samoan cultural identity.

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A samoan beach house.

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam

Want to go swimming?

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam

Coconut anyone?

A young boy collecting coconuts as his daily chores. Not your average chore for an American.

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam

Fire Dance

The fire dance is usually performed by a samoan male.

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam


A beautiful waterfall in the beautiful island of samoa

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam

Samoan Dancers

Samoan dancing is a way for all the villages to get together and enjoy our culture.

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam


A beautiful island. I'm proud to say that I am from there.

Contributed by Jennifer La Bam

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