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In some cases you're better off ordering a burger than choosing one of these "healthy" salads!

Contributed by Kim Buzzard

Great place to eat and create your own salads!

Contributed by Megan Luetz

What's so interesting about salads is the complexity of ingredients and the culture of eating. During my grandmother generation (1940's), salads consisted of the basic ingredients- iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, and salad dressing (mostly ranch). Nowadays, salads are creative, somewhat like a work of art. I use all types of fresh vegetables, such as, sugar snap peas, avocados, red onions, etc.. To enhance the flavor, I add feta cheese and fresh herbs. Add your favorite meat or in my case, soy deli slices to create an entree. Drenching the salad with heavy cream-based dressing, only takes away from the crispy texture; therefore, I drizzled olive oil and vinegar (balsamic preferable) on top of the salad, giving it just enough flavor- not overpowering the other vegetables. Now, most Americans eat their salads before the entree, but I prefer to eat my salad after the entree. Why? It's helps with the digestive system. Salad contains a lot of roughage ingredients, which helps in the digestive process. The most amazing thing about salads, is that you can't over cook it or mess it up. It's your creation!

Contributed by Shannon Hardy

How to make a fresh garden salad!

Contributed by Kelsey Helgerson