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Latest Sailor Moon Figures There is much more to see here and the figures are all very pretty.

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

Sailor Moon is Back!

There is a group I follow on facebook that keeps me up with Sailor Moon information. Recently there was a live chat discussing the new sailor moon and here is the updated news. "As many of you know, it was announced in July 2012 that there will be a new Sailor Moon anime. This is what we know right now about it, and if any news breaks, it will be updated here and posted on the page! CONFIRMED INFO: - The new anime will be streamed on the video site Nico Nico this winter. - It will be remaking the series from the beginning, not continuing on from Stars. - The story of the new anime will not be a copy of the '90s anime, but will respect Naoko Takeuchi's spirit for Sailor Moon. - The girl group Momoiro Clover Z will be singing the opening and ending songs for the new anime. WHAT WE STILL DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE (BUT ARE ALWAYS WORKING TO FIND OUT): - If there will be official subbed or dubbed versions of the new anime. In the absence of an official subbed version, the translation site Miss Dream has committed to producing a fansub. - Who the Japanese voice actors will be. - Exact dates for broadcast/streaming. - The number of seasons and episodes. - Any plans for TV broadcast in Japan and elsewhere. - Whether a free Nico Nico account is sufficient to watch the anime, or whether a Premium account is required. - Any plans for official Internet streaming other than Nico Nico. Crunchyroll has NOT announced that they have rights to stream the new anime. - What the opening, ending and image songs will be. Miss Dream reported that "Moonlight Densetsu" will be the opening theme, and Momoiro Clover Z performed this song during the 4 August 2013 live event. However, a reliable Japanese source (PGSM Cast Today) reported that no commitment on the opening theme was announced by Osabu when he was specifically asked about it. We are working on verifying this matter. - What the official English name will be. For reference, the live action series and the Kodansha re-release of the manga used "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon". - What the art style of the animation will be. - Again, we don’t know if there are plans for an official English dub. Also, please remember that Toei is rebooting this series to make money, not because they truly care what the fans want. They're doing this because they want another 20 years worth of merchandise and home video sales." ---- The Facebook page:

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

The new Sailor Moon has not been officially slated for release, however rumors are saying that 2014 is the year we will see the pretty soldiers back in action. The opening is going to be performed by a group known as Momoiro Clover Z. New figurines are being produced to coincide with the new anime. However all designs are kept underwraps until the anime is in the home stretch.

Contributed by Ellie Apple Carlin

I remember as a kid before mp3 files my sister downloaded some midi versions of Sailor Moon songs and I would listen to and hum them all the time! They never showed the original SM endings in America. I was soooo excited the first time I heard the actual song on Youtube :)

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Old-School cartoon, anime that used to come out on tv back in the day! :)

Contributed by Ana Casillas

I want to print this out and hang it on my wall as a poster.

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

I was hoping for the re-boot to! :(

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

such a cute little music video with a great song

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

Moonlight Densetsu, the Japanese theme :)

Contributed by Karra Aguilar

Sailor Moon has many amazing songs and themes. This is one of my favorites. Correction... I love them all!

Contributed by Karra Aguilar