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Rubik's Cube

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Gigaminx. One of the largest twisty puzzles.

Contributed by Keri Potter

The world record to the single fastest 3x3x3 solve is 5.55 seconds by Mats Valk from Netherlands.

Contributed by Keri Potter

New puzzles come out all the time, but they're all variations on the same old cubic shape. Not this bad boy, nuh-uh! This thing is awesome with a capital awe! twelve sides, twelve colors, and sixty-two pieces, and billions of combinations. I've had it for about 2 years and I've only been able to solve it once.

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

Although the Rubik's Cube was the first 3x3x3 puzzle cube, its inability to cut corners and the stiffness of its movement made it one of the least popular cubes for speed-solving. Despite this, twisty puzzle collectors are still huge fans of the brand.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Every rubik's cube in the world can be solved in X amount of moves or less. That magic number X is jokingly referred to as God's number and was found out to be 20.

Contributed by Ryan Daily


Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

Too much of the greatness!

Contributed by Arshid Yaqoob

This is a nice Rubik's cube exhibit.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

I really had a WTF moment!! Careful your brain can play tricks on you!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

I wish I had a rubik's cube to see if this really works!

Contributed by Angela Loomis