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Rocky IV

Rocky IV is a 1985 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. The film co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Burt Young, Talia Shire, Carl Weathers, Tony Burton, Brigitte Nielsen and Michael Pataki. Rocky IV was the highest grossing sports movie for 24 years, before it was overtaken by The Blind Side. It is the fourth and most financially successful entry in the Rocky film series.

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Sly asked Dolph Lundgren to hit him in the chest as hard as he could. Sly woke up in the ICU 4 days later

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

Whenever a movie franchise has a 4th sequel, it usually sucks. Not the case for Rocky IV. It was the most successful, financially, of all the rocky movies. Albeit it wasn't as great as the first movie, 1976's Rocky, that won Best picture of the year. But Rocky IV is definitely worth seeing.

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

Rocky IV

Rocky IV. Rocky goes to Russia to face a Soviet Boxer who is supposedly invincible.

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

If you really want to get inspired before a workout, or get inspired before you head off to work, watch this!

Contributed by Kevin Chambers

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