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Rhodes College

Rhodes College is a private liberal arts college located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rhodes is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and enrolls approximately 2,000 students.

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Taylor Berger, founder of Yolo Frozen Yogurt, graduated from Rhodes. Yolo is the first self-serve yogurt shop.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

KeSha's brother, Lagan graduated from Rhodes College. I'm not a hardcore Ke$ha fan, but I still think this fun fact is cool. Go Lynx!

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Richard Haliburton was a famous traveler often wrote about his adventures. It is said that he died in a accident at sea while sailing a Chinese junk called the Sea Dragon. A model of the ship, planes, sketches, books, and trinkets he collected during his travels are located in the Rhodes College Barett Library Archives. The rest of his collection is located at the Princeton University Library. Haliburton Tower at Rhodes was dedicated after him. The bell tower that tolls every hour was donated by his father. Photo courtesy of Information courtesy of Rhodes College Archives

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Search for Values in Light of Western History & Religion is a interdisciplinary study that brings classical literature back into the classroom. Freshmen must either choose the "Search" or "Life" path to take. The Search program was created in 1945. Information courtest of the Image courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

The cozy study area of Rhodes' newest dorm, West Village. Photos courtesy of

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

The Rat after recent renovations.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

In 1976 this mom and baby were part of a group of monkeys that escaped from the Memphis Zoo and wondered on to Rhodes' campus!

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

The Rhodes mascot is the lynx cat!

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

This seal is located in Palmer Hall, one of the oldest buildings at Rhodes. It is considered bad luck to across it; slip up and you might not graduate! It is a tradition for seniors to walk (or dance) on top of the seal after graduation.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

The Paul Barret Library was completed in 2005.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

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