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Retro style (also known as "vintage inspired") is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of trends, music, modes, fashions, or attitudes of the past.

The term retro has been in use since the 1960s to describe on the one hand, new artifacts that self-consciously refer to particular modes, motifs, techniques, and materials of the past. But on the other hand, many people use the term to categorize styles that have been created in the past. Retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. Unlike the historicism of the Romantic generations, it is mostly the recent past that retro seeks to recapitulate, focusing on the products, fashions and artistic styles produced since the Industrial Revolution, the successive styles of Modernity. The English word retro derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning backwards, or in past times.

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Instructions 1) Mix 'n match! Don't go all-out retro at once. Pick one or two tops that retro pieces in one outfit and then make sure that the rest of your ensemble is something so 2009. For example, if you're gonna do a risky retro trend - a chunky beaded necklace and a tie-dyed tank - keep the rest of the outfit simple. That means plain jeans (not super huge big bell bottoms!) and no funky footwear. Remember, you want to give off retro without coming on too strong. 2) JEANS: Remember that high-waisted jeans are back in style. However, if you doing high-waist jeans, make sure that your shirt is a little snug, but not too tight. Also, keep in mind high waisted-jeans look best if they are normal or slight flared. Not too skinny or too flared out. Everything in moderation. 3) GRAPHIC TEES & SHIRTS: Graphics tees are in-style more than ever. Remember to keep it simple but yet funky. Add a chunky necklace or bangle bracelets to spice it up. Don't over glam yourself. BAND TEES: Anything sporting a band (old or new) will instantly give you a glam retro look. 4) ASSESCORIES! Big Sunglasses: This is an essential for anyone looking towards retro style. Over-sized sun glasses are the perfect piece are a trendy, yet old school look. Old school jewelry: pearl necklaces are awesome to match with the right outfits. Also, beaded jewelry has come back big time, but yet still gives off a "old school" style. Bangle Bracelets are a huge trendy retro look. Mix & match colors and styles to get a funky hip effect. 5) HAIR: Your hair can give you an awesome retro look. If your going for a 60's flower child look, remember that big curly hair was the it thing back then. Lots of curls and lots of volume. 70's hair was more straight and long or wavy (naturally) and long. Think hippie! 80's hair was very funky, colorful and odd. Anything to stand out. Remember these tips when styling your hair according to the look you want to create. 6) MAKE UP: To create a retro style, you should also do your make up according to the old fashions but give it a new flare at the same time. Red lipstick is always a great way to go. If you do this, make sure to keep your eye make up lighter and not so bold. Cat eyes were amazing and still are, however add a flare by adding in some color to your cat eyes. Cat eyes are lots are eye liner on the top lid with lots of mascara. If you do this, make sure to tone down your lips. 7) To create a retro style, you shouldn't go overboard but mix and match this advice and style together in your own way. Remember, you want to be hip but set your own style at the same time. So, think trendsetter instead of groupie!

Contributed by Zara Khan

Retro fashion photography

Contributed by Adrienne DeLuca

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