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Rescue Ink Unleashed

Rescue Ink Unleashed is a reality television series that premiered on September 25, 2009 on the National Geographic Channel. The series features a Long Island-based animal welfare organization, called Rescue Ink. The group is made up of heavily tattooed motorcycle riders who work to combat animal cruelty and rescue animals in need. The group states they use aggressive and "in-your-face" tactics, to put to shame and report abusive animal owners. The group takes action to remove distressed animals from their environments, taking them to no-kill shelters or rehabilitation facilities. They operate their own shelter in Long Beach, New York.

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Rescue Ink is a biker gang devoted to animal rescue. They break up dog fighting rings, stop animal cruelty and neglect, confiscate pets from unsafe environments, and help with cases of stolen and missing pets.

Contributed by Anna Ponchak

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