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“Marriage means handing over yourself, your body, your future, your keeping to the one whom you dearly love, although this person may, in many ways, remain a stranger. This tremendous act of faith is something that can unlock in each lover powers of compassion, generosity, joy, passion, fidelity and hope that no one guessed was even there. That is why the confidence of young lovers is not foolish or arrogant, but an expression of a basic fact in human experience that the greatest of human gifts are set to work only when people are prepared to risk everything … and first you risk it before God.” — -Ravi Zacharias

Contributed by Kayse Guest

to start off with our generation is we are so use to something new always coming out the iphone iphone 2 jordans after jordans after jordans. We love to upgrade or getting something new in general. if something breaks we are so quick to get a new one or continue to use it till its so broken its not usable. With relationships today we use each other like we use our appliances mainly technology. all relationships have trials and tribulations. When you come to a bump in the road you have to cross it it not how you got over its that you got over it and you got over it together. My Grandpa always told me that when something is broken you try to fix it doesn't matter if you fix it or not. Its the fact that you gave an effort. no matter whether you succeed as long as you tried you should be content with yourself. Our generation wasn't raised like that if something is broke we tend to replace it or get a new one.

Contributed by Cleopatra SOoffical McDonald

Why would you want to be with someone who does not want to be with you?...

Contributed by Monica Kirnak

Couple that meets through tumblr! The cutest thing ever!

Contributed by Cata Ochoa

Lots of teens rush into relatioships and "fall in love." Being a teen is to find out the traits you like in someone not to become serious. It is time to have fun, you have your whole life to be with just one person. So enjoy your friends and family and have fun finding love when your older

Contributed by Isabella Vasquez

Relationships are built on 4 main things: trust, honesty, loyalty, and communication. Each of the 4 characteristics are extremely important and each must be done in the relationship in order for it to be successful. You cannot have one withoutthe other because your relationship will still be uncomplete. Trust: being able to believe your significant other in any and every situation; never doubting your significant other Honesty: never lying to your signifant other no matter what; never hiding anything from them Loyalty: never cheating on your signifant other Communication: talking to you signifant other about any issues you may be having in your relationship

Contributed by Brittany Osborne