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Wow. Clever


Contributed by Holly Forbes

Mutual Weirdness

This is the exact relationship my boyfriend and I have :)

Contributed by Kate Matrishon

Act like a lady, Think like a Lady

When I was in a relationship year’s back, I read Steve Harvey’s, “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man”. It seemed like the answers to all the ladies questions and concerns towards guys being guys. Honest as it may seem, why isn’t there a female author giving answers to how we as ladies act and behave toward when we HAVE the guy, but the red flags are waving and we’re blinded? Once the honeymoon phase is over and we, as Steve said, discuss the short and long term goals, and finally move into a serious relationship, how do we know when we’re missing the red flags? I am talking about when we have been with the guy for two and plus years but there are certain signs that give us the feeling like we’re headed into a Ross and Rachel “break”.

Contributed by Amanda Osorio

I don't understand how middle schoolers are in 2 and 3 year long relationships. I'm a senior and I can't even commit to listening to a song all the way through.

Contributed by Rachel Quinn

Relationship  Advice

It's okay to put yourself first.

Contributed by Ryann Burnett

Relationship guide

No one ever will understand it

Contributed by Dom Harris

The entirety of this article is certainly worth reading. It's not long, will take maybe a minute of your time, but as it is longer than 750 characters here is a link to it... ...and a brief snapshot: crash, bin liners break, contracts end, curtain rails collapse, trains get delayed, football teams lose. Divorce happens and so do earthquakes and so does An Audience With Michael Bublé. Landlords put rent up, phones get stolen and the supermarket often completely runs out of hummus. Now, taking all of the above into account — you look me dead in the eye and tell me the truth. Do you really have enough spare energy to pursue someone who isn’t interested in you?

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Listen up Guys and Girls.

Contributed by Kay Rosie Jackson


Contributed by Tamaira Patrick

Relationship tips

Contributed by Lorena Gan