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The unconscious biases that employers in California made against a man named Jose. So he changed his application name to Joe.

Contributed by Shayna Rose Horowitz

Equality brings peace

Growing up I've always been a victim of racism. Many ignore the fact that racism still exist, and fail to put in effort in bringing it to an end. My junior year of highschool, I was in the musical All Shook up, in which I fell in Love with a white person. After one of my shows, a little girl asked me why I kissed a white person if I was black, and I looked up and the parent didn't say anything. In shock, I quickly replied, because we are all human,we both have a brain, and a heart, the only thing different is the color of our skin. We are all like M&M's different on the outside and same on the inside. This was life changing for me, and motivated me to bring an end to racism in every way possible.

Contributed by Ashlee Holland


Mario is a very...diverse guy...

Contributed by Le Hoang

No child is born racist. It's the influence of society that enables a child's heart to go from being larger than life, to being completely heartless. It's ashamed for me to say that when I was a child, I preferred the white doll and I'm black. In media, perfection means light skin, straight hair and small features, and as a child, that was my idea of perfection too. That's the way media presents beauty to our children and the rest of the world, and this is what we all sadly believe.

Contributed by Tatiana Rice-Mckenzie

During the 1600's, when African slavery first began to emerge throughout the World the Spaniards established the word "negro" to refer to blacks the "inferiors." As industrialization throughout America began to occur in the 19th century, blacks began to fight for their rights to vote and assume higher positions in society. Eventually the KKK was established to frighten blacks from moving further up in society, and for over 50 more years, continued to terrorize blacks without getting in trouble by the law. This video nearly proves why the Spaniards did what they did, and why the majority population in America continues to rise above other races. Whites presented themselves as superior because they were afraid of feeling "inferior."

Contributed by Tatiana Rice-Mckenzie

Racism is quite a big deal to why our entire world cannot peacefully get along with each other. We judge others by their looks and especially because of what race they are. We are all the same, we work to live, we all try to get through our days. Why judge others when the one who should truly be judged are the ones who hate and despise people for their ethnicity? We are ALL the same, we are living breathing humans.

Contributed by April Alamilla

Racism experiment...very interesting. What she says in the beginning, that we're still doing this and we've been doing this since the 1950's is a tragedy.

Contributed by Brianna Kay Colbert

We are all human. We are all made of the same chemicals. At a chemical level we can hardly be told apart.

Contributed by Kersten Schatz

Why should people judge? Were all human beings, we all have a heart and have blood running through our veins just like people across any part of the world.

Contributed by Kevin Cervantes

I’m 32 years old. I’ve just left my car–a canary yellow 1972 Buick Skylark convertible–at my mechanic in the Bronx. I’m walking to the subway when three police cars screech to a stop around me. Six officers jump out of their cars–guns drawn–and suddenly I’m trying to think clearly enough to answer the questions that are being yelled at me as my legs are kicked apart and my face is shoved into a wall. I’m calm. I’m polite. I think of the (then) recently deceased Amadou Diallo, and curb my genetic tendency towards sarcasm. The officers check my identification and make sure there are no warrants for my arrest. After it’s been determined that my story checks out, I ask the officer closest to me why I was stopped. He tells me that I “matched the description of a suspect,” and as he answers, he notices me taking note of his badge number. Without explanation, I’m handcuffed, unceremoniously stuffed into the back of a police car, and taken to Central Booking, otherwise known as “the Tombs.” I descend a staircase deeper than the pits of Avernus and am placed into a holding cell. It’s unclear if I am being arrested; in fact I’m never told what’s going on. There’s a phone but it’s out of order. Four hours go by. I’m surrounded by genuinely dangerous people, who for reasons beyond my comprehension, are leaving me completely alone. Eight hours pass. By now I’ve missed work. Twelve hours after I drop my car off at my mechanic, an officer comes down with a stack of papers and begins to call off names. I’m being released; apparently no charges were filed against me. My property and my freedom are returned. I receive no explanation and no apology. This is not the most racist thing that’s ever happened to me. For the whole story:

Contributed by Vanessa Lam

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