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Drop whatever is holding you back.

Contributed by Jericho Regalado

It's simple

Always move forward...

Contributed by Jericho Regalado


Don't sink to their level, do your own thing and be happy, it will torture them

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Laziness is not an Option

Everyone is in control of the life they desire to live. If you don't like something change it. If you want to better yourself, do it. Stop making excuses and just get your a** into gear!

Contributed by Maile Starz

Rough Day Good Laugh

Just when you are having a rough day you see a flying monkey :D

Contributed by Leslie Vainner

Never give up

Sometimes we get into situations that seem impossible to make it through or that have no solution. We have to remember every problem can be solved and there is always a way out of any situation.

Contributed by Leslie Vainner


Those who don't worry, and take things day by day are the ones who are truly happy because they are able to appreciate the little things that others miss.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec


Don't let insecurities run or ruin your life. Tell yourself that you are good enough, and beautiful, and talented. Believe in yourself and be confident.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

The Past

In order for the pains of the past to heal you cannot keep opening the wound. You need to move on a live in the present.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

It's the ups and downs

that give us life

Contributed by Jordan See